healing fibers

Healing Fibers is a non-profit organization being created to encourage those who are dealing with Chronic Illness, whether physical, emotional, mental, or stress, to use Traditional Fiber Arts as a means of therapy and relaxation.

Finding Serenity thru Traditional Fiber Arts...
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The gentle art of using fiber can help to manage and control pain from on-going chronic illness, or simply as a tool to settle the mind. Redirecting your mind and focusing on something productive can provide a much needed management tool.

Sometimes the loss of being productive can be a particularly devastating aspect of becoming seriously ill. For me, Fiber Arts gave me a way to gain control of the pain and at the same time, find a way to be productive. This does not mean the pain is gone but I have learned through using Fiber Arts to channel that pain into something beautiful and productive. As I have slowly improved, I have been able to add different aspects to my skills.

The amazing aspect of Fiber Arts is no matter what kind of challenges you might face, there will be a Fiber Art you can master and produce beautiful textiles for yourself, friends and family. Taking your illness and producing something charming and usable.
- Josh and Lynne

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